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Year 6








Our Autumn Term Learning



Our Autumn Term End Outcome:


'Year 6 Charity Coffee Morning'


The children in year 6 will be choosing a charity of their choice to run a coffee morning for. They will be designing, advertising, organising and running the event.



  • Place Value: Your child will explore the fundamental concept of place value, which is the cornerstone of mathematical understanding.
  • Addition and Subtraction: They will sharpen their skills in addition and subtraction, building a strong foundation for more complex math concepts.
  • Multiplication and Division: We'll dive into multiplication and division, helping them become confident problem solvers.



  • Poetry: Our young wordsmiths will explore the world of poetry, unleashing their creativity through rhythm and rhyme.
  • Instructions: Your child will learn how to craft clear and concise instructions, a valuable skill both in and out of the classroom.


PE (Physical Education):

  • Fundamental Movement: Physical activity is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and we'll focus on fundamental movement skills to promote coordination and fitness.
  • Hockey: Our budding athletes will have the opportunity to learn and play hockey, building teamwork and sportsmanship.



  • Crime and Punishment: History comes alive as we delve into the intriguing topic of crime and punishment, exploring how societies have dealt with lawbreakers throughout the ages.



  • Rainforests: Let's embark on a virtual journey to the lush and diverse world of rainforests, discovering their unique ecosystems and importance in our global environment.



  • Rodin: Your child will be introduced to the works of the renowned artist Rodin, inspiring their own artistic expressions and creativity.


DT (Design and Technology):

  • Structures: Playground Design: Our young designers will tackle the challenge of creating innovative and safe playground designs, applying engineering principles to their creations.