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Our Autumn Learning in Pictures

Year 2 have been choosing the materials that make the best boat. They worked in groups to make their boat and then tested them to see which one would hold the most coins before it started to sink.


In PE this half term, we are creating dances based around the Great Fire of London. We used the dance scarves to show how the fire started from a spark and then slowly started to burn using a range of speeds, levels and directions.



On Friday 20th October, we delivered a Collective Worship to Year 1 that we had planned together as a class. It was about the Parable of the Great Feast and the different things that we can do to accept God's invitation.





Tuesday 10th October was World Mental Health Day. As part of this day, we were busy creating a piece of class artwork and have then made stars that show how each of us are special. In the afternoon, we were joined by Year 1 who helped us to put together care bags for patients receiving treatment at our local cancer centre.



In RE this week, the children were tasked with creating a new class Psalm based on the Beatitudes. Each table was given a specific theme to focus on and write their own lines to make up or class prayer.



Year 2 have been learning different footwork patterns to improve co-ordination. They created an obstacle course using a range of equipment which needed to include the movements of side stepping, hopping, skipping and galloping.






In our first DT lesson, we were learning how to sew using running stitch. We also threaded our own needles and learnt how to tie a knot in the thread.



In our first Science lesson, we learnt about the materials that different objects are made of. We looked at their properties and whether they were hard, soft, rough, smooth, strong or fragile.