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What our parents say about us

What our parents say is the best thing about St Thomas':


"As a parent the best thing about St Thomas' school is the unwavering high standards that are so evident in the teaching, their faith supports all that they do. The staff are so approachable and supportive to all. All children are treated equally, respect is shown and taught. The high standard of education is superb. As a family we feel blessed that that are part of our child's life."


"I feel the school is always striving to make the school better for the children. All the activities they have added at break and lunch time to keep the children entertained but still in an educational way is wonderful."


"All pupils seem to know one another (from all year groups). Older students helping younger ones. Friendly feel with all."


"The amount of different subjects they are shown at such a young age gets them excited about things to come and they don't get bored doing 3/4 subjects. I love the open school bits you do when you invite the parents in to do activities etc with the children so we can actually see what they are doing in the school,it's great to hear about what they do at school but to see it in the flesh is even better!" 


"The staff work so hard to provide the best opportunities for every child."