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Spring Term

Our Spring Term Learning

Our RE units this term are Jesus: teacher and healer, forgiveness and lent. We will develop the children's knowledge and understanding of the person Jesus and his ministry is as a teacher and healer. The children will learn the importance of forgiveness as a gift we receive and it is a way we can show love to others. During Lent, the children will learn that this is a time of change and growing to be more like Jesus.


In the Spring term, we start by adding within 20. We progress from a counting strategy to using known number bonds to derive answers to additions. Subtraction within 20 then follows this. The children will develop a deeper understanding of addition and subtraction as the inverse of each other. We then move onto ordering, comparing and interpreting numbers up to 50.


We will be looking at the texts of Supertato and Not Now Bernard this term. We will be doing lots of oral story telling and writing stories and instructions.


In History, we will be learning about flight and how it is changed since the Wright Brothers invented the first motor-powered airplane in 1903.  The children will also be learning about the pilot Amy Johnson.  The first female pilot to fly solo from London to Australia.


In Geography, we will be studying the human and physical features of Tean.  We will look at the differences between cities, towns and villages.  We will also explore a range of maps for our local area and understand symbols.  We will begin to learn about grid references and co-ordinates.


In Art, we are studying sculptors, Barbara Hepworth, Augusta Savage and architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  We will use inspiration from their work to create a range of exciting artwork using different media and our own inspired sculptures.

Design and Technology
In DT, we will be learning about sliders and levers and will be creating our very own greetings card.

In Science we are studying the properties of every day materials.  We will find out why objects are made out specific materials.  We will enjoy observing and investigating, magnets, ice, building materials and waterproof fabrics.


We will be investigating dynamics and tempo. We will look at songs such as ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ and ‘Big bear funk!’


Our PE lessons are on a Monday with Miss Mason and a Thursday with Mr Jones. We are currently covering yoga and dance. Next half term we will look at gymnastics and net and wall skills.


In computing we are looking at instructions and how they work. We will also be looking at the tools in 2Create to make our own story books with words and images.