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Spring Term

Our Spring Term Learning 2024

Our RE units this term are Jesus: teacher and healer, forgiveness and lent. We will develop our knowledge and understanding of the person Jesus and his ministry as a teacher and healer. We will then learn the importance of forgiveness as a gift we receive and as a way we can show love to others. During Lent, we will learn that this is a time of change and growing to be more like Jesus.

We begin this term by writing a character description based on the story Supertato. We will create our own super and evil veggies and then write character descriptions to go with them. We will then write a non-chronological report after half term. 

Throughout the term we will be covering the following units:

Unit 6 - Numbers to 20
Unit 7 - Addition and Subtraction within 20
Unit 8 - Numbers to 50
Unit 9 - Introducing length and height
Unit 10 - Introducing mass and capacity


Our science focus for this term is animals. We will begin by learning about the 5 groups of common animals: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. We will identify and group their similarities and differences. We will then learn that animals do not eat all of the same thing and can be categorised into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We will then move onto labelling human body parts and exploring the five senses.

 We will be studying sculptors, Barbara Hepworth, Augusta Savage and architect Frank Lloyd Wright. We will use inspiration from their work to create a range of exciting artwork using different media and our own inspired sculptures.


Design & Technology
Our first project will be focused around textiles. We will develop our technical skills of cutting, glueing, stapling and pinning to join fabrics together. We will use these skills to create our own hand puppets. Our second project will be learning about wheels and axles. We will learn about the main components of a wheeled vehicle and experiment with mechanisms to develop our understanding of how wheels and axels work. We will demonstrate our learning by designing and building our own moving vehicles.


This term our learning is centred around weather and climate. We will begin by thinking about the months of the year and the four seasons. We will then explore weather patterns in the UK and work in groups to present these as a weather forecast. We will further our understanding by identifying and exploring locations of hot and cold areas of the world.

Our learning in history will be centred around Kings and Queens. We will begin by learning about our current monarch, King Charles III. We will then explore questions such as: Why did monarchs build castles? Which castles can we still visit today? Who were the kings and queens of the past? Who was Queen Victoria and where did she live? Who the first Queen Elizabeth?


We will begin by learning about what tempo is and how it can be identified within a piece of music. This unit is called: How does music make the world a better place? In the second half term, we will learn how to combine pulse, rhythm and pitch. This unit is titled: How does music help us to understand our neighbours?


Our PE lessons are on a Wednesday and a Friday and will be gymnastics and balance through stories and games.