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Guided reading

GUIDED READING  - in guided reading we look at a picture and answer questions about it. This helps the children to develop their comprehension skills. Encourage your child to speak in full sentences when they answer each question.


This half term we are looking at the skills of prediction (a sensible guess as to what might happen next) and making connections (does it remind you of anything else).


We are also trying to improve the children’s understanding skills.


The questions are....

•What is the pig doing? Why?

Where is the pig?

•What can the pig see that we can’t? (Hint: Look at the shadows!)

•Is the pig alone? Will any other pigs (or other species) help it?

•What happened to the sheep?

•What do you think the farmer wants to do with the pig?

•How does the pig feel? How do you know?

•Predict what will happen next.

Does this remind you of any other story? (making connections)