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Autumn Term RE at home

At the moment we are learning about:

The stories of the people of God.


Choose from the activities below. You will need to spend at least 2 1/2 hours per week on RE.


Create a series of fact sheets on characters from the Old Testament. Some examples are provided. Please ensure you include Bible quotations as well as how they show their faith.


Read the story of Cain and Abel. What went wrong between the two brothers, what were the consequences of both Cain and Abel's actions. Can you imagine a time when you did something wrong at home, what were the consequences. How can we make right what we have done wrong? Create a table of actions, consequences and what could have been done differently then write a prayer of forgiveness (please remember to not use 'Dear ......'). 


Learn about Moses, what happened after he was born, where he grew up, why he left, who he helped and how he followed God, leading his people. Write the story of Moses. 



Re-write the Ten Commandments to make them modern day. Which would you change, what would be more appropriate today. What would you say to people that would convince them to follow the new commands. Would you change Jesus' commandment? 


Read the story of Queen Esther and King Xerxes. Who was Esther? Who was Mordecai? Who was Haman? What reasons had Haman for wanting to kill Mordecai?  What dilemma does Queen Esther face in the story?  How does her faith and trust in God help her in this difficult situation? Why do you think this is an important story?  Create a timeline of the events.