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Sacramental Preparation

As a Catholic school, we work in partnership with yourselves and the church to prepare your children to, ordinarily, receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in Year 3 and the sacrament of Confirmation in Year 6.  But… the last two years have been anything but ordinary haven’t they?!  This has meant that our current Year 4 and 5 children have not received the sacraments yet.


Following a meeting with Fr Eric and diocesan updates, we are delighted to be able to give you some dates for First Holy Communion for Years 3, 4 and 5.  This will mean (hopefully) that all children eligible to receive the sacraments will have done so by the end of the school year.


The First Holy communion meeting for parents on Monday 27 at 3.30pm in school will now be for Years 3, 4 and 5 parents.  At this meeting, Fr Eric will outline the plan for children to receive the sacrament and give key information.


The enrolment masses will now take place within the school day rather than at a weekend mass. We will enrol one class at a time to allow parents to attend the mass if they are able to.


Year 5 enrolment mass      Friday 8 Oct 2.30pm St Thomas’ Church

Year 3 enrolment mass       Friday 5 November 2.30pm St Thomas’ Church

Year 4 enrolment mass       Friday 19 Nov 2.30pm St Thomas’ Church


The dates for receiving the sacrament of First Holy Communion remain the same for Year 3 – Saturday 18 June at 12.15pm, St Thomas’ Church.