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“Pupils at St Thomas’ Primary make rapid progress as they move through the school and achieve highly in all the subjects taught. They are exceptionally well prepared by the time they leave the school to start the next stage of their learning.”

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! 

We have lots of exciting things planned throughout this academic year and will keep you up to date with all of our interesting adventures and learning opportunities.


Year 3 staff:

Miss Leyland - Year 3 teacher

Mrs Deville - Year 3 teaching assistant

Home Learning

All of the home learning information that you and your children will need will be updated here. The pack of work will be updated every week with different activities to support their learning and the codes that children will need to complete the maths tasks set on will be uploaded on the day they can be completed. If there are any issues, please don't hesitate to contact me.


World Book Day 2020



Thursday 5th March 2020 was World Book Day and as a school, we celebrated it by dressing up as our favourite book character. In class, we discussed which character we were dressed as and discussed our favourite books. At the end of the day, we had a short assembly which gave us more information about why World Book Day is important and had the chance to be read a story by a different teacher.

Wildlife Trust visit - Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Year 3 had a visit from two people from the Wildlife Trust to help us explore how we could protect our local environment. We were then able to link this to the rainforest and see how we could help to protect this habitat. On a walk of our local environment, we were able to identify lots of different types of trees, plants, animals, insects and birds then compare them to those that would be found in the rainforest. Finally, we explained why we would find certain living things in each of those places.





Year 3's 40 Acts Lent Challenge

During Lent as part of our Catholic Life, RE and PSHE curriculum, we are actively trying to show the impact of what we are learning and reflecting on this by completing the 40 acts challenge. Each of these acts link to various categories: gratitude, care for the environment, giving, school community, kindness, new friends and doing the right thing. The various acts also link to one of the British Values and then we can also explain how it demonstrates us each being a child of God. 

Fit4Kids Healthy Lifestyle & Physical Activity workshop 14th February 2020

As part of our PSHE and PE curriculum, we enjoyed taking part in a workshop run by Fit4Kids where we were able to learn about how much sugar is in some of our food, what a balanced diet is, why it is important to be physically active and about good habits. During the session we were given the opportunity to look at a variety of different foods and figure out which ones we could eat lots of and were good for us and those that were better to eat in moderation. At the end of the session, we took part in a mini fitness circuit which allowed us to discuss what effect exercise has on our bodies.

How does water move in plants?

In Science this week, we have been investigating how water is transported through plants so we conducted a simple experiment that involved food colouring, water and paper towels. Firstly, we watched a video to demonstrate the experiment and then we wrote our own predictions about what we thought might happen. Then we wrote our method which would tell someone else how we set up and carried out the experiment. Finally, we watched our experiment to observe what happened and wrote our conclusions. We noticed how quickly the water travelled through the paper towel, just like it would if it was a plant stem.


Which countries are in South America?

As part of our geography homework, we each created a map of South America that show where each country in the continent is, what their capital cities are, which oceans surround the continent and where the equator is.


Our vehicle display board is slowly taking shape with all of our new learning. So far we have learnt about who discovered the Maya ruins, what plants need to grow successfully, the parts of a plant and their jobs, which countries have rainforests and lots more!

Spring Vehicle 'Under the Canopy' Curriculum Information

Meet the Flintstones Vehicle Museum Exhibition 11th December 2019

Bambinelli Liturgy & Parent Workshop 9th December 2019

We have had a very festive visitor join us in Year 3, we welcomed Twinkle the elf who has come all the way from the North Pole just to spend December with us! We are hoping that Twinkle is going to behave himself as we don't want him getting up to mischief!

Mini Stonehenge Workshop 6th November 2019