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Homework Club

Introducing the Homework Club:


We are excited to announce the launch of our Homework Club, led by Mr Jones, which will take place every Thursday during lunchtime. The Homework Club is designed to provide additional support and guidance to students who may benefit from extra assistance with their assignments.


Benefits of the Homework Club:


  • Individualized Support: Your child will have the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarifications, and receive one-on-one guidance. This personalized attention can help address specific challenges and improve overall understanding.

  • Time Management: Our Homework Club can assist students in managing their time effectively, ensuring they complete their homework on time while balancing other responsibilities and activities.

  • Encouragement of Independence: While guidance will be available, the Homework Club encourages students to become more self-reliant and confident in approaching their tasks independently.

  • Flexibility: The Homework Club is a drop-in session, providing flexibility for students to attend when they feel the need for extra support. Whether they have a particularly challenging task or need help with ongoing topics, they are welcome to join.

  • Collaborative Learning: Students will have the opportunity to interact with their peers during the Homework Club, fostering a sense of collaboration and shared learning.


We believe that the Homework Club will be a valuable addition to our existing support system, providing an avenue for students to excel in their studies and overcome any obstacles they may encounter.