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Truth and Courage

“Pupils at St Thomas’ Primary make rapid progress as they move through the school and achieve highly in all the subjects taught. They are exceptionally well prepared by the time they leave the school to start the next stage of their learning.”


As part of our Computing lessons we have been learning about online safety and being ‘SMART’ Safe, Meeting, Accepting, Reliable and Trust. We have decided to enter the signal 1 no troll competition.

All you need to do is design a logo for the No Troll Zone initiative that teaches children about bullying online. The template for the design is attached.

Please read the information below and complete your design. All designs must be returned to school by Monday 6th February 







Here at Signal 1 we're very passionate about anti-bullying...

Therefore throughout 2017 we're launching the 'NO TROLL ZONE'!!

What is it?
The no troll zone is a badge of pride that will sit on school websites throughout Staffordshire & Cheshire to indicate that the company and website is against bullying and in particular online bullying.

What you need to do?
We want YOU to design the logo for our no troll zone, the winner will then win a disco for their school just before half term!!






Please use this template


Maria Ottley

Computing Teacher



The teaching of computer skills is integrated into most areas of the curriculum. In Key Stage 2 specific computer skills such as word processing, desk top publishing, graphic modelling, use of database software, e-mailing, use of the internet and multi-media presentations. Pupils in Key Stage 2 are taught by a specialist ICT teacher. Through Computing, pupils are taught to find things out, develop ideas and make things happen, exchange and share information, and review, modify and evaluate their work as it progresses. Access to the internet is controlled to prevent children connecting to inappropriate sites.



Computing Curriculum Plan


I will add a list of the programmes that we use in school to teach the four key subjects areas:

Algorithms and Programming

Scratch/Scratch jnr - iPad and laptop

Snap - internet/laptop

Code Kingdoms


Appshed (available via Launchpad 365)

Bee-bot/Bee-bot Pyramid - iPad (as well as Bee-bot/Pro-bot/Roamer Robots)



Data and Information

Numbers - iPad

Pages - iPad

Popplet - iPad

Pureflow - Branching databases iPad

Survey Master


How computers work

Garage Band



Explain Everything


Communication and e-safety

Simpl - creating websites on iPad