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Here at St Thomas' Catholic Primary School we initially use the letter formation set out in the RWI programme (see document below). Once the children are able to form single letters we use 'letterjoin' to teach them the lead in and the lead outs needed for a cursive style of handwriting. This begins with the digraphs and trigraphs and then moves on to whole words. By the end of Y2 all children should be aiming to write with a joined up writing style. Research shows that joining writing supports the flow of ideas as well as spelling patterns. Children will come across a variety of fonts in their every day life- on displays, books, menus etc and we try to replicate this in school by using a variety of fonts to show the children that letters sometimes look a little different. If you would to know anymore please take a look at our RWI formation document and the letterjoin website or speak to Miss Rawle. 


Click here for letterjoin.