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Tuesday 19th January

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Literacy with Miss Mason - Tuesday 19th January

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Tuesday 19th January - Maths - Add by making ten activity

Watch the White Rose Maths video which contains an interactive activity for today's learning. For this you will need a ten frame and counters - I have attached blank templates of these below for you to print at home. If you don't have access to a printer, you can simply draw a tens frame and use household items, such as buttons, pasta to use in place of counters.

Add by making 10 activity

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P.E - Tuesday 19th January

Science - Tuesday 19th January

This week, we are going to  continue our learning about grouping animals according to what they eat. Recap by watching this video together: Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores.


Once you have watched the video, play a game of 'What am I?' with your grown up (just like we do in class!) 

Think of an animal and ask questions until you work out what it is! Remember: you can only ask questions that have a YES or NO answer. For example... 

"Is your animal a carnivore?" YES
"Does your animal have four legs?" YES

"Would you find this animal (in the wild) in our country?" NO
"Does your animal live in a hot country?" YES
"Does your animal have a mane?" YES

Your animal is a LION

Next: log onto your Purple Mash account and click on 2Dos. Have fun completing the activities about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores!