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Homework Expectations:


Welcome to Year 6! We have some exciting learning opportunities planned for your child this year. To support their progress, we have structured the homework as follows:


Maths: Every Wednesday, your child will receive a new maths assignment in their CGP book. This will help reinforce the concepts taught in class and enhance their mathematical skills.


Literacy: On Fridays, we will provide engaging literacy exercises for your child to complete in their CGP book. These tasks will strengthen their reading and writing abilities while expanding their vocabulary and comprehension skills.


Spellings: Also on Fridays, we will hand out a list of spellings for your child to practice. Regular spelling practice will enhance their written communication and literacy proficiency.


Reading: Reading is a fundamental skill, so we encourage your child to read daily for at least 20 minutes. Whether it's fiction, non-fiction, or any other genre they enjoy, this practice will foster a love for reading and enrich their knowledge.


Mathematical Fluency with Times Tables Rockstars: To boost their mathematical fluency, we recommend that your child regularly engages with Times Tables Rockstars. This fun online platform will support their mastery of multiplication and division, making their in-class work even more successful.


Additional Supportive Materials: From time to time, we may provide extra materials or assignments outside the regular homework schedule to support the topics covered in class. These supplementary tasks will reinforce their understanding and offer additional opportunities for learning.