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Inspection Reports

Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports, and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables. 

St. Thomas' Catholic Primary School is an outstanding school. (Ofsted 2023)



Pupils have high expectations of themselves at St Thomas Catholic Primary School. Pupils are set personal challenges. They want to be good citizens and help others. They want to do well in their learning and enjoy coming to school. Leaders successfully establish high standards for pupils personal achievements.

Pupils know the Catholic teachings that underpin the school. Leaders help pupils to reflect on these teachings . Pupils have weekly responsibilities to demonstrate them. Pupils show kindness and help others in the community as a result. They are proud of their achievements They strive to be positive role models.


Behaviour is exemplary. Staff model high expectations. Pupils are polite and courteous as a result. They open doors for others They remind each other about the schools behaviour rules . For example , prefects remind pupils to walk quietly to lessons . Pupils take pride in their school uniform. They are confident that bullying and unkind behaviour are not tolerated by staff.


Pupils mental health is a high priority. Pupils learn about how to have good mental health. They create videos about being kind to your mind ’’. The videos are played at local public spaces This helps people in the local community. Leaders have set up a lunchtime well being club. Pupils visit and speak to well trained staff.

St. Thomas' Catholic Primary School is an outstanding School (Diocesan Inspection 2016)

Catholic life at St Thomas’ is outstanding and inclusive, with prominence given to the mission statements both of the school and the MAC, and to Catholic values.

Leadership of the Catholic life and collective worship of the school is outstanding, emanating from the vibrant and faith-filled personal example of the headteacher.

Strong and dynamic leadership is evident in all areas of the school. Individuals demonstrate their personal commitment to the faith, and there is a collective drive towards continually moving forward standards in all areas and improving on previous best.

Leadership, outcomes from and provision for religious education is outstanding

Religious Education is strong in school: the subject is very well led by a coordinator who provides outstanding example and support to ensure that teaching is never less than good; from often modest starting points, progress is strong, within and across both key stages; outcomes for pupils at the end of Key Stage 2 are above age-related expectations.


The Catholic life of the school is outstanding, with its motto, “Truth, Courage”, at the centre and many opportunities for all to develop, individually and collectively, their understanding of the Faith and a positive sense of vocation.

Collective worship is a strong feature of the school. It engages all pupils to participate, pray and reflect, which they do with reverence and enthusiasm. It supports and enriches the faith life of all.

Provision for RE is secure and focused, with clear and effective procedures in place for monitoring and evaluating learning and teaching, ensuring impact towards school improvement.

Standards of engagement, progress and attainment for all pupils within years and across key stages are high in RE.

There is strong and dynamic leadership throughout the senior team. Individuals demonstrate their personal commitment to the faith; collectively there is a continual drive towards high standards in all areas and improving on previous best.