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“Pupils at St Thomas’ Primary make rapid progress as they move through the school and achieve highly in all the subjects taught. They are exceptionally well prepared by the time they leave the school to start the next stage of their learning.”


As a core subject, science is given a high priority. It is recognised as an active, practical subject and children are encouraged to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding through first-hand experience where ever possible. In Reception and Key Stage 1, science is generally integrated into a topic approach, whereas in Key Stage 2, science is approached through separate science themes. In upper Key Stage 2, Science is taught by a specialist teacher. The science curriculum covers the following areas: scientific enquiry, life processes and living things, materials and their properties, physical processes.

How does water move in plants?

In Science this week, year 3 have been investigating how water is transported through plants so they conducted a simple experiment that involved food colouring, water and paper towels. Firstly, they watched a video to demonstrate the experiment and then wrote their own predictions about what they thought might happen. Then they wrote their method which would tell someone else how to set up and carry out the experiment. Finally, they watched our experiment to observe what happened and wrote conclusions. They noticed how quickly the water travelled through the paper towel, just like it would if it was a plant stem.

Science Curriculum Plan