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Maths - Wednesday 14th July
Start today's learning by watching this episode of Number Blocks together: Number Blocks - Series 4: 100. I'm sure you'll enjoy singing along, Year 1!

Afterwards, I'd like you to practise your speedy number bonds to 10 on Hit The Button. Please have a go at the 'Make 10' section today as this leads nicely onto our learning about number bonds to 100. 


Once you've warmed up your brains, I have created a Power Maths PowerPoint which explores number bonds to 100. Work through it at your own pace together and complete the worksheet. Had we been completing this lesson together at school, we would have used bead strings to visually see bonds to 100. I have found an interactive one here: Interactive Bead String. If you double click on a bead, it moves the set of ten along. Children will know how to use these and it may help them see their bonds more clearly. Don't forget to send me your learning on Class Dojo portfolio!