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The geography curriculum enables children to develop their geographical enquiry skills, their knowledge and understanding of locations and places, their knowledge and understanding of human and physical geography, as well as their knowledge and understanding of environmental change and sustainable development. Children will undertake a variety of geographical studies including local, regional and national studies and fieldwork investigations wherever possible.

Year 3 Wildlife Trust visit - Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Year 3 had a visit from two people from the Wildlife Trust to help us explore how we could protect our local environment. We were then able to link this to the rainforest and see how we could help to protect this habitat. On a walk of our local environment, we were able to identify lots of different types of trees, plants, animals, insects and birds then compare them to those that would be found in the rainforest. Finally, we explained why we would find certain living things in each of those places.



Which countries are in South America?

As part of our Y3's spring vehicle 'Under the Canpopy, they were set geography homework, where they each created a map of South America that shows where each country in the continent is, what their capital cities are, which oceans surround the continent and where the equator is. They were then able to use this learning to describe where certain rainforests where around the world using the key terms: Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Equator, Northern and Southern Hemisphere.


Y3 Trip to Chester Zoo

Geography Curriculum Plan