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Autumn Term



During the Autumn term, we will be using a range of texts such as Be More Bernard and The Way Home for Wolf to explore the genres of visual texts, setting descriptions, non-chronological reports and a postcard/letter. Through the range of genres, the children will be creating a range of descriptive sentences, writing in a range of tenses and using a variety of conjunctions to develop their sentence structure.



During this term we will be covering: 

Unit 1 – Numbers to 100

Unit 2 –  Addition and subtraction (1)

Unit 3 – Addition and subtraction (2)

Unit 4 – Properties of Shape



Our RE units this term starts with Old Testament stories. We look at some classic ones such as Jonah and the Whale, Daniel and the lion’s den and David and Goliath. We then move on to sharing in the life of Jesus where we think about important people in his life and important experiences for him. We also think about how this can have an impact on our own lives and how Jesus wants us to follow the path God sets for us. We will then be thinking about the importance of advent on the lead up the Christmas celebrations, with a focus on the symbols of advent and how we can ensure we are prepared to celebrate Christmas as true Catholics.



In Science, we will learn all about materials. Throughout our learning in the Autumn term, we look at the different properties that materials can have, what makes a material suitable depending on its properties, how the shapes of objects can be changed, learning the difference between natural and man-made materials, what materials are waterproof and using our investigation skills with materials.



A Y2 favourite for history- The Great Fire of 1666. We make contrasts between then and now which are so clear. We also gain experience of using historical evidence to reconstruct the past and work on developing our understanding of cause and consequence. We also think carefully about the empathetic element of the great fire.  We must never forget that though the death toll was incredibly low, thousands lost their homes and valued possessions and had to live for years in primitive temporary tented communities while their houses were re-built. We also have a look at how London was redesigned and get children to think about why certain changes were made.



In Geography we are learning all about coasts. We will start by learning the four countries that make up the United Kingdom along with their physical and human features. We will then be learning about the seas that surround the United Kingdom, the plants/animals that live around the coast of the UK and the differences between where we live and the coastal environment.



We will be starting the term with thinking about how we can stay safe online, what should and should not be shared online, what a digital footprint is before moving on to searching using the internet and making music.



In PE this term, we will be focusing on a Monday on the Fundamental Movement Skills of co-ordination (footwork), static balance (one leg), dynamic balance to agility (jumping and landing) and static seated balance. On a Tuesday, we will also be developing our invasion games skills and creating a dance around the theme of the Great Fire of London.



We will be investigating pulse, pitch and note duration (long and short).  Our unit focus is: Music that helps us make friends! What music do we like to dance to?  We will be learning songs based around this theme. We will also continue to learn to play the glockenspiel to develop our improvisation and composition skills. 



In Autumn 1, will be making a wallet or purse to keep money safe. We will learn how to thread a needle and then using a fabric cut out, we will use a simple running stitch to join two pieces together before decorating the front of it. After half term, we will investigate how to make a chair using our knowledge and learning of structures.



In Art we are studying the famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh. We will study some of his most famous pieces of artwork such as sunflowers and starry night, experiment with tone and texture through line drawings. We will then be using Van Gogh’s impasto style through expressive and dramatic brushstrokes to create our own self-portraits.



During the Autumn term, we will be learning about the story from the Gospel of Matthew, when Jesus welcomed all of the little children to come to Him. The five-story sessions encourage children to understand that they are created by God out of love and for love. The children will be learning about rules beyond school, our local environment and jobs within our community. During the second half of the Autumn term, the children will be learning about how they are unique, the differences between boys and girls bodies and how they can keep their bodies and teeth healthy.



During Autumn 1, our Catholic Virtues are Grateful and Generous and our Catholic Social Teachings are Human Dignity and Stewardship.