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St Thomas' Catholic Primary School

Truth and Courage

“Pupils at St Thomas’ Primary make rapid progress as they move through the school and achieve highly in all the subjects taught. They are exceptionally well prepared by the time they leave the school to start the next stage of their learning.”




Our aim is to help, teach and encourage children to develop as enthusiastic, confident, independent users of language through the spoken and written word. We recognise that language is central to all learning and we appreciate that language empowers children to communicate creatively and imaginatively, as well as allowing them to engage with others at an early age.


At St Thomas’ we strive to develop a love of reading that goes beyond the classroom through exposure to high quality engaging texts and providing opportunities to share stories with those around us. We do this through our reading warrior programme and inviting parents into read favourite stories to groups of children.


In the Foundation Stage the emphasis is placed upon communication, language and literacy development skills through structured play, child choice and teacher directed activities including introduction to our RWI programme. In Key Stage one RWI is delivered every day for 30 mins additional to Literacy and Guided reading where all the other skills are covered. In Key Stage two language and literacy, and daily phonics, are taught every day following the New Primary Curriculum. A complete range of language skills are taught throughout the school which include speaking and listening, writing in a variety of forms and for different audiences, reading with understanding, research and retrieval of information and fostering an appreciation and love of literature.


Children are encouraged to take reading books home, each child is also given a Reading Diary which is taken home along with their reading book, in order to monitor the child’s progress. We use a variety of phonic based books which are matched to a child's phonic level and assess the children regularly to determine whether they are reading at the appropriate level.

Literacy lessons will involve a mixture of whole class teaching, group work and independent work. The main teaching points are consolidated in a plenary session in which pupils are given time to review, reflect, discuss and evaluate their work and learning.

The National Curriculum

Curriculum Plan - Reading and Writing