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Spring Term

Our Spring term learning


In English we will be studying Krindlekrax and writing character studies and own story based on this. We will also look at persuasive writing and texts such as ‘Zoo’.


This term we focus on multiplying 2-digit and 3-digit numbers by a 1-digit number and dividing a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number.  Once we have mastered this we will apply this learning to problems.
Area will be the next topic and we will be working this out by counting squares.
Fractions:  We will develop our understanding of tenths and hundredths and then focus on equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions before moving on to adding and subtracting a variety of fractions.


We Follow a scheme called, 'Learning and Growing as the people of God'.
The first unit is: Christmas and we focus our learning on the role of the angels in Bible stories linked to the birth of Christ.
Our second unit is:  Jesus Light of the World and Beloved Son.
Followed by Lent and finally Holy Week.


We start with Sound and end with electricity.


During the first half term, we start by looking at Hemispheres and the Artic and Antartic.  This includes Time Zones too.

The second half-term is all about North America.

The whole term will be spent looking closely at the Vikings and how they existed here in Britain at the same time as the Anglo Saxons.  We will develop our understanding of struggles encountered and the type of lives they led.


Our focus is on British Architectural Artist - Stephen Wiltshire.  The aim is to understand how he works and create a piece of art in his style by the end of the term.

The unit of work we are focussing on food. We will be designing and making our own pizzas. Yummy!
We will be evaluating existing products and using our skills of mashing, cutting, dicing, slicing and grating during the term. Hopefully they will taste delicious.



Our focus this term will be on revisiting and embedding the language we already know as well as moving on to talking about sports and healthy eating.