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Year 5

Our Spring term learning


Through our RE lessons this half term, we will exploring the journey of Mary, Joseph and Jesus in our Christmas unit before moving on to our unit of The Parables and Sayings of Jesus - developing our understanding of the concept of the Kingdom of God according to the teachings of Jesus. We will then move on to Lent where will be thinking about the concept of 'temptation' and Christian living through texts in the New Testament.



Throughout the term, we will be studying some of the works of Shakespeare, specifically Macbeth. We will be writing our own Shakespearian play scripts. We will also use a film based unit called ‘Red scarf’



The spring term will start with a unit on multiplication, the children will be learning new methods of multiplying 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers by a 2-digit number using long multiplication and the grid method. We will then move on to dividing 4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers using the bus stop methods. Following this, we will move on to fractions, decimals and percentages. We will continue our mini maths to practise our fluency.


We are looking at the Earth in Geography this term, focusing on Volcanoes and earthquakes. We begin with a focus on what the Earth is actually made from and its tectonic plates before moving on the how volcanoes are created and earthquakes start, what happens when a volcano erupts, a case study of an eruption and protecting against earthquakes.


We are looking at the Properties of Materials for this half term before moving on to changes in materials in the second half of the term. We will be carrying out lots of scientific investigations, developing our own enquiries and working together as a part of a team to answer questions.


Throughout the term, Year 5 will be delving into the past and will be exploring the lives and legacies of the Ancient Greeks. They will explore what life was actually like for the Ancient Greeks, and how we know. We will also touch on significant events in Ancient Greece and the legacies left behind.



For the term, we will be testing and developing our knowledge of structures. We will be designing and making models of bird hides. We will hopefully be working with a joiner to get one of our bird hides made as a full size working example.


Our focus artist this term is the famous mark-maker and sculptor: Alberto Giacometti. The children will explore his life and his work before creating their own response and sculptures out of clay.



Year 5 will begin the spring term focusing on dance and yoga and then look at gymnastics and leadership skills after half term.


We will be singing and playing different instruments, improvising and composing our own music with Miss Gould.


We will be describing the planets, building up sentences and making compound sentences. We will then develop this further by describing the seasons and weather.