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Year 5

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead in Year 5! Our Autumn term vehicle will be centred around the artist L.S. Lowry, and we will be creating our own Lowry style paintings and setting up and hosting an art gallery for visitors to enjoy.


Autumn Term Learning


In RE, we will first be looking at the creation stories in Genesis and thinking about our own God- given talents. Over the term, we will also be considering miracles, the sacrament of the sick and Advent.



Place value within 1000,000

Addition and subtraction

Multiplication and division




We will be looking at the history of the local area and particularly the changes that took place during the Victorian period. We will be asking questions about how and why things changed during this time and comparing historical documents and data. We will end the topic with a class debate- was this period of history a Dark Age or a Golden Age? Looking at the evidence, it will be for you to decide!



In geography, we will be exploring coasts and deserts. We will be looking at land use patterns and discovering how they have changed over time. We will also be finding out about people who live in deserts and the causes and effects of desertification.



In art, we will be focusing on the work of Salford artist, L.S. Lowry. We will be finding out about the artist himself and then using his style of drawing and painting to inspire our own pictures centred around the local area.


Design and Technology

In the first half of the autumn term our focus will be on mechanisms, and we will be creating a pop-up story book designed for a younger pupil. In the second half of the term, we will be considering the best ways to strengthen a structure. We will be building our own wooden bridges and testing their durability.




In the first half of the autumn term, we will be exploring a range of different forces such as gravity and air and water resistance. We will be carrying out a series of experiments to test these forces and the effect that they have. In the second half of the term, we will be investigating properties of materials and reversible and irreversible change.



Across the autumn term we will be covering online safety, spreadsheets and concept maps.



Numbers to 1000

Distances between places

Planets- naming, key facts, creating a fact file



In music, we will be considering the question, ‘How does music bring us together?’ Based on a selection of songs, we will follow a sequence of learning incorporating: listening, singing, playing, improvising, composing and  performing.