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Children's Mental Health Week

To celebrate Children's Mental Health Week, we set the children a homework activity based on this years theme of 'Let's Connect'. As art is a creative way to develop resilience and connect with others, we asked the children to create a piece of art on a theme of their choice e.g. space, nature, weather. The children produced some fantastic pieces of work as you can see.






Multi-Faith Day

On Wednesday 1st February, we celebrated a Multi-Faith day where all of the children learnt about the 6 main world religions of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism, Islam and Hinduism. All of the children then enjoyed learning about a festival that linked to each religion such as Diwali, Yom Kippur, Ramadan and Wesak. 





Our children said that:

"It has been fun to learn about how different religions think that the world was created." 

"It is important to learn about other religions as not everyone follows the same religion in our country."

"I feel proud to learn about different religions."

"It is important to understand and connect with people of other faiths."



During this week, each class focused on a different World Religion and learnt either a specific festival within a Religion or how people of that Religion practice their faith.





Odd Socks Day - Anti-Bullying Week 2022

On Monday 14th November, we celebrated the start of Anti-Bullying Week by wearing odd socks! The odd socks represents that each one of us is different, just as God made us and this is something that should be celebrated.

Mini Medics Workshops - 8th November 2022

Each child in KS2 received a workshop based around First Aid, CPR and the Recovery Position which links to our PSHE curriculum. The children learnt what they should do in an emergency and how to treat minor cuts, grazes and bumps!





Healthy Bodies Wellbeing Workshops - Wednesday 23rd June



As part of our PSHE curriculum, the children learn basic principles of First Aid and what they can do in an emergency. Year 3 have had the opportunity to learn what the recovery position is and when someone might need to be put in this position.

On Monday 11th October, St Thomas' celebrated World Mental Health day in a variety of ways e.g. ‘Hello Yellow’ – children wore yellow for the day to support Young Minds or Wore Wellies to support Winston's Wish. Along with this, each class chose one of the ‘5 ways to wellbeing’ and completed an activity linked to this. Throughout the day, each class discussed how they could support their own wellbeing and that of each other.