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Wednesday 19th January

Read Write Inc. 
Please select either Set 2 or Set 3 lessons click on and work through the links below: 

Set 2 lessons:

Set 3 lessons:

Work through the White Rose Maths video together below. Afterwards, complete the attached worksheet. I'd love to see your hard work on Class Dojo!

Add ones using number bonds

Still image for this video

Click on the following link and watch our story Supertato together: YouTube - Supertato. 
Discuss these questions together: 
- Who is the main character? 
- Where is the story set? 
- What happens to the carrot? Brocolli? Cucumber?
- How does Supertato help? 
- What is your favourite part of the story? Explain why.

During our geography lessons, we have been learning about the human and physical features of Tean. Work together through the PowerPoint below and see if you can identify them together - I'd love to see the symbols you think of too!