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WC 24.04.23

Easter power point

In Re, we are learning about Easter. We will be thinking about Jesus rising on Easter Sunday. Please look over the power point with your child...they know a lot already. It would be great for them to teach you!



For math's we have been adding using a number line. If possible please draw a number line 1-12 on the ground in chalk, or on some paper. Roll a dice to decide the starting point (you can access an interactive dice by following the link ) and roll again to show how many jumps you need to make. 


Ask your child to say what has happened. E.G. we started on 2. We added 3 jumps, we are now on 5. 3 + 2 =5



E.G number line l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l_______________

                          0     1     2    3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10   11   12




Red write inc groups

Please ask your child which read write inc group they are in and complete the corresponding video. 


1) - Miss Mason's group - 


2) Mrs. Deaville's group -


3) Mrs. Shingler's group - 


4) - Mrs Scott's group -


5) - Mrs Shaw's group -