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WC 02.01.23

RE - Before half term we were thinking about advent and what that means to us as Catholics. We will be thinking about Christmas over the next few weeks. As we enter a new year, please, for this week's homework, spend quality time with the people you love. Try to do something out of your ordinary routine. E.G. play a board game, bake, go for a walk, visit an elderly relative, make lunch for your parents etc. Please let me know what you have done and send a photo via dojo. 


Maths - Using the following interactive tool   ( Two Color Counter Ten Frame | Teaching Tools | Toy Theater   )  please ask your child to show the following addition. we have been learning that the first number in the problem should be represented by one colour (i.e. the red counters) and the second number should be represented by the other colour counters (i.e. yellow counters. )

1) 2 + 2=

2) 3 + 1=

3) 1 + 4 =

4) 3 + 0 = 

5) 2 + 3 =


Red write inc groups