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WC 01.05.023

In Re, we are learning about Easter. We are thinking about how different people felt in the lead up to Jesus' death and after he died. We are thinking about what it meant for Jesus to die for us and how important he is in our lives. 


This week I am asking that your child, with your help, draws a picture of Jesus on the cross and writes a few words of thanks. Thank Jesus for what you are grateful for in your lives, because of his sacrifice. Examples of this are below...

Thank you Jesus for my family.

Thank you for all of my friends.

Thank you for all of the meals I get each day. 

Thank you for the love I receive. 



For math's we have been taking away using a number line. If possible please draw a number line 1-12 on the ground in chalk, or on some paper. Roll a dice to decide the starting point (you can access an interactive dice by following the link ) and this time you will need to tell your child how many to jump back. (it cannot be bigger than the first number. )


Ask your child to say what has happened. E.G. we started on 6. We took away 3 jumps, we are now on 3. 6 - 3 =3



E.G number line l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l___l_______________

                          0     1     2    3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10   11   12




Red write inc groups

Please ask your child which read write inc group they are in and complete the corresponding video. 


1) - Miss Mason's group - 


2) Mrs. Deaville's group -


3) Mrs. Shingler's group - 


4) - Mrs Scott's group -


5) - Mrs Shaw's group -