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Summer term

Our Summer term learning.

Our RE units this term are Easter, Pentecost, our church and the mass. We will begin by expanding our knowledge of Easter and the importance of the Resurrection and its message. During Pentecost, we will learn about the Holy Spirit as a gift that brought about change in the lives of the disciples. We will also reflect upon how we celebrate and receive that gift in our lives today. We will then develop our understanding of the Church in our Catholic journey. Our final unit will further our understanding of how we belong to the Church, particularly concentrating on the parts of the mass. 


We start this term with comparing two texts- 'the last wolf' and the traditional tale 'Little red riding hood' where we will explore links and connections. We will then be looking at the features of writing non-chronological reports. We will be working on the shorter chapter book 'diary of a killer cat' after half term and then finally be working on writing letters. As always reading will be huge in year 2 and we will be starting our new and exciting class text for story time! 



During this term we will be covering the final year 2 units- starting with fractions where we will be investigating fractions of shapes and also numbers. Our main focus is on half, quarter, three-quarters and thirds. We will also be covering telling the time this term- aiming for the y2 children to be able to tell the time to nearest 5 minutes. We will also be investigating different problem solving methods and applying them to all types of questions! To finish the term we have a weight, volume and temperature unit to look at where we will do lots of practical activities to end the year. Lots to get going with y2 :) 


In Science we are exploring the world of seeds in a new unit 'Ready, Steady, Grow!'

We will learn why plants disperse seeds in various clever ways. We will plant cress seeds and grow bean hydroponics, observing what happens. We will use the cress to then make and enjoy our own sandwiches. After May half term we will then study habitats. Can we sort things that are alive and not alive? Finally we will make a bug hotel encouraging a range of creatures. 


In Geography we are learning all about Zambia. They will be able to locate Zambia on a map. They will be exploring the physical and human features of Zambia. We will study the village of Mugurameno and will be finding out how the river is used in the village. We will also be comparing life in the UK to Zambia. 


A Y2 favourite for history- The Great Fire of 1666. We make contrasts between then and now which are so clear. We also gain experience of using historical evidence to reconstruct the past and work on developing our understanding of cause and consequence. We also think carefully about the empathetic element of the great fire.  We must never forget that though the death toll was incredibly low, thousands lost their homes and valued possessions and had to live for years in primitive temporary tented communities while their houses were re-built. We also have a look at how London was redesigned and get children to think about why certain changes were made. 


In Art we are studying the famous artist Andy Goldsworthy. We will be exploring his sculpting skills and in particular his use of natural resources. Our end outcome will be to design and create a natural land art sculpture. We have some budding artists in y2 who will love to get creative with nature and the beautiful colours of our environment. 


Design and Technology
We will investigate wheels and axles this term. Exploring current designs and evaluating how successful they are and then thinking about what we would like our fire engines to look like. We will also explore what fire engines in 1666 were like. Ending with making our very our functional fire engine! 


PE is on a Thursday with Miss Rawle and a Friday with Mr Jones. Y2 will be having a go at tri-golf and striking and fielding games and then athletics after May half term. Please make sure children have sun hats and water bottles on PE days. 


We will be investigating pulse, pitch and note duration (long and short).  Our unit focus is: Music that makes us happy! What music do we like to dance to?  We will be learning songs based around this theme. We will also continue to learn to play the glockenspiel to develop our improvisation and composition skills.