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Spring Term

As part of Children's Mental Health week, each class focused on how they can grow together. Our activity was based around ways that we can look after our well-being and we created a class suggestion display so that other people can choose something they can do to look after themselves. We also planted cress seeds and discussed that just like the cress, we don't always see growth immediately, but it is and things can grow in unexpected ways just like us!


This week in DT, we were learning about how we could strengthen our packaging when we make it next half term. We had the opportunity to strengthen materials using the techniques of laminating, corrugating and ribbing. We then discussed which technique would be most suitable for our packaging and why.



In order to decide what shape we want our packaging to be, we have been investigating which net shapes were the strongest and which were the weakest. Some of them proved to be quite tricky to make!

In DT, we have been investigating whether existing packaging is appealing or not. This research is going to help us when we design our own packaging next half term.

In Year 3 this term we are learning:



In RE this term, we will study the Liturgical seasons of the Church's year - Christmas, Lent and Holy week. We will also learn about Mass and the Sacrament of the Eucharist. Children will think about why this is such an important celebration in the life and worship of Catholic Christians.



Money - converting pounds to pence, adding amounts of money and subtracting to give change.

Statistics - drawing and interpreting pictograms and bar charts.

Length - measuring length, equivalent lengths - metres and centimetres and centimetres and millimetres, adding and subtracting lengths and finding the perimeter of shapes.

Fractions - unit and non unit fractions, tenths, finding fractions of a set of objects.



In English, we will be studying the text 'Lights on Cotton Rock' which is about a small girl who has a desire to live in outer space. When she meets an alien, she realises just how difficult leaving her family behind will be. Linked to this text, the children will be writing a non-chronological report about space.


Our second book that we will be studying is called 'Pugs of the Frozen North' which is all about two children who want to win a race to the top of the world to meet the Snowfather, but they have 66 small, sweater-wearing pugs pulling their sled. The children will be writing a recount from a character's perspective about the race. 


Towards the end of the spring term, we will be studying 'The Great Kapok Tree' where man starts to chop down a great kapok tree in the rainforest. Exhausted from his labours, he puts down his axe and rests, but as he sleeps the animals who live in the tree come and plead with him not to destroy their world. As a writing outcome, the children will be writing an alternative ending to the story.



Our first topic in Science is Rocks and Soils. We will learn about the different types of rocks and how they are formed. We will investigate the properties of different rocks and soils and make our own fossils. We will also learn about the famous fossil hunter Mary Anning.


Our second topic will be Forces and Magnets. We will explore a range of materials and sort them into magnetic or non magnetic and investigate how it is that a magnetic force can make things move. We will conclude the unit by making a magnetic game.



Our History topic is Stone Age to Iron Age. We will travel back in time to learn what life was life in Britain thousands of years ago and where Prehistoric Britain fits within the timeline of British History. Working like archaeologists, we will explore a range of primary sources to determine what life was like in Stone Age Britain, why Stonehenge was built and to make comparisons across each part of Prehistoric Britain.



In Geography, we will be extending our knowledge from term 1 to learn about the countries and seas of Europe. We will explore human and physical features of some different countries in Europe and explore how these features are similar or different to the United Kingdom. We will also investigate weather and climate in some European countries.



In Art we will be learning about Andy Warhol and the pop art movement. We will learn how to draw in the style of Andy Warhol and create our own pop art icon portraits.


Design and Technology

Shell structures - We will explore a range of packaging and how to create packaging from 3D nets. We will also explore how to strengthen packaging which will then lead us into designing and making our own sturdy box to prevent our model fossils from getting damaged.



PE is on a Monday and Tuesday with Miss Leyland. In Spring 1, we will be covering dance and yoga. In Spring 2, we will look at gymnastics and dodgeball.



Our focus this term will be on revisiting and embedding the language we already know as well as moving on to starting to tell people about ourselves.