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Spring term

Our Spring term learning.

The Spring Term starts with our learning about Christmas, building on our knowledge of the Christmas story from Year 1 and understanding the importance of the event.  Later in the term, we will learn about the Parables and Miracles of Jesus and then Special Celebrations such as Baptism and Marriage before we learn about the importance of forgiveness during Lent.


We start this term by writing a non chronological report about the Great fire of London. We then use our descriptive writing skills to write a character description. We will then unpick the features of a diary and have a go at writing a recount diary entry. Finishing the term with some persuasive writing. 



We are starting the term with units on Multiplication and Division, recognising groups and how this relates to repeated addition and subtraction and the multiplication and division symbols.  We then move onto Statistics, creating and understanding tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams.  Later in the term we learn about Length and height, Properties of shapes and Fractions.


In Science we are learning about materials and their properties.  We will investigate the properties of a materials and think about why some objects are made out of a material because of its properties. We will then move on to look at living things and make connections and links with our Autumn term learning. 


In Geography we are learning about the polar regions linked to explorers in history. We will be thinking abut the places that Captain Scott and Ibn Battuta have explored and the features of these places. We will also be exploring learning about physical and human processes of these places and the impact of this on the way we live.


History is all about explorers.  We begin with learning about Levison Wood, a famous, modern day explorer who went to Painsley!
We then we find out about Captain Scott and his expedition to the South Pole and we finish off learning about at Ibn Battuta and his travels. 


In Art we are studying we famous British artist David Hockney.  We will work on our mark making skills, practising techniques such as cross hatching and stippling.  Our final outcome will be to create a landscape, canvas oil painting in the style of Hockney.


Design and Technology:
We will investigate structures and design a chair for baby bear. We will then move on to looking at a balanced diet and food. 


PE is on a Wednesday and a Friday. Next half term we will look at gymnastics and net and wall skills.


In music we will be looking at exploring feelings through music and inventing our own musical story.