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Reception 2022-2023

Reception 2022-2023

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For our vehicle in autumn, we produced art work about ourselves, how we are all alike in God's image but unique with the talents he gave us. We were proud to lead a collective worship with our parents and then we showed them what we have created this term. 

The beautiful Advent Tradition, Bambinelli Sunday, was instituted by Saint Pope John Paul II during his Papacy.

The tradition follows that on the Third Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday) children and adults bring their Baby Jesus figures from their homes to St Peters Square where they are blessed by the Pope. Today (12.12.22) we made our Bambinelli's with our parents during our Christmas craft afternoon, and we will take these to be blessed in church on Friday. 

Thank you to all of the parents that sponsored their children to raise money for CAFOD. We aimed to raise £60 but with your generosity and the children's hard work, we raised a huge £223.


Thank you!

Why we have chosen "It's a puppet" as our vehicle this term.


When playing with puppets, children contribute to a shared play experience. When exploring puppets, all characters express a wide range of emotions, thoughts and views that children pick up and react on when being interactively involved in the story. When doing a puppet show children need to cooperate with others and negotiate roles and relationships in play. Puppet shows highly engage children in stories and therefore they share humour, happiness and satisfaction with their peers. When doing their own puppet show children are able to accept new challenges, celebrate their own efforts and achievements and those of others. Children can use puppetry to investigate, imagine and explore their creativity. 

When being part of a puppet show children explore the purpose and function of a range of  tools, media and sounds in order to create their own puppets and an engaging story. Puppets help children expressing their ideas and feelings in a playful way. Puppet shows are highly interactive and children easily transform themselves as part of the story when listing to sounds, speech, stories and rhymes. They then respond with gestures, actions, singing, comments and/or questions.



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