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Healthy Bodies Wellbeing Workshop - Wednesday 23rd June




As part our our RE unit about Prayer, we took part in a class reflection about how we can become closer to God when we pray just like Jesus did. Each of the children made their own unique prayer stone which were added to our prayer area. The children are encouraged to use their prayer stones when they want to spend some time with God.


On Saturday 18th June, some of Year 3 made their First Holy Communion and they received the Sacrament for the first time along with their families. It was lovely to see them so reverent in Church!


As part of our PSHE curriculum, we learnt basic first aid skills and what to do in an emergency. We also learnt when you would need to use the recovery position how to put someone in this position.

In History this term, we are studying the Romans and as part of our learning we are deciding whether Boudicca should have rebelled. We put events of Boudicca's life in chronological order and decided whether each one was a good or bad thing. 




We've got some special little visitors to Year 3 for the next few weeks. On Monday 6th June, 8 eggs arrived in an incubator and we have been lucky enough to see them hatch. They are forming part of our vehicle learning about plants, growing our own food and how it goes from farm to fork. 





To celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, each class were given a decade. We had the 1980s and we had the opportunity to learn about different music, events and fashion from that era. We also performed a song from that era 'Crocodile Rock' at our school Jubilee celebrations.



In DT, we have been investigating the properties of different textile products. This week, we started to dissemble a textile product of our own to identify its 2D pattern that made its 3D shape, what a seam allowance was and why it is important when making a product.