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British Values in Reception

In reception we learn about British values (democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect) through learning and through play. Below are some examples of how we do this. 

1) Democracy

In early years, it is about showing each child that their opinions are important and that each child's thoughts and opinions should be listened to. We teach the children that sometimes they will make a decision on their own and sometimes it will be in groups. We promote turn taking, sharing and collaboration and encourage children to have their say in a comfortable environment. We ask children to become involved in decision making in the classroom, and promote their independence, self esteem and confidence and give them the opportunity to have their voices heard. 

2) Rule of law

We promote the rule of law by working with the children to create a set of class rules and a code of behaviour which apply to everyone. These include:

1) Always have kind hands and feet

2) Use our words for good

3) Tidy away any mess we have made

4) Close our eyes or look at the prayer area when saying prayers.

5) Use our manners

6) Sit still on the carpet during learning time.


We show children that positive and negative actions have consequences and this helps children to understand their own and other children's behaviour as it helps them to distinguish right from wrong. 

3) Individual liberty

In reception we work hard to build confidence and self awareness and we allow children to make their own choices. We allow children to take risks in a low stakes way in order to increase their confidence in their own abilities. We try to make it clear to children they they are allowed their own opinions and that these may differ from their peers. 

Individual liberty is freedom for everyone to make their own decisions and express their own emotions in a friendly and nurturing environment. We allow children to explore their own interests as part of their learning in order to develop their own self-awareness and confidence. 

4) Mutual respect and tolerance.

We firstly treat children with respect, this models treating people how we, ourselves, would want to be treated. We promote positive behaviour and attitudes towards others. As a community we are not all the same and we help children to form relationships that are without discrimination. 

We explain and show the importance of tolerant behaviours such as sharing and respecting each others opinions. We introduce children to the wider community and we celebrate children's experiences. 

We celebrate other cultural events and are beginning to show an understanding of the diverse world in which we live.