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Autumn Term

Our vehicle this term is all about our local area, where we will be learning all about Stoke-on-Trent. The end outcome for our vehicle will entail the children designing their own print and a winner chosen which is then going to be produced and sold.



During the Autumn term, we will be learning about Place Value within 1,000 where we identify the hundreds, tens and ones; compare numbers up to 1,000, order numbers up to 1,000. We then have two units based around Addition and Subtraction where we will be adding and subtracting 100s, adding and subtracting a 3-digit number and 1s, then adding and subtracting a 3-digit number from a 2-digit number. Finally, we will be adding and subtracting a 3-digit number with a 3-digit number. Our final units of work for the Autumn term are focused on Multiplication and Division, where will be learning how to find equal groups, multiplying and dividing by 3, 4 and 8, as well as understanding how to divide and perform 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication and division.



During the Autumn term, Year 3 will be studying the following genres of writing: poetry, instruction writing, writing a setting description, constructing a non-chronological report and writing a persuasive text. 



In history, we are investigating significant individuals who are from Stoke-on-Trent, comparing what local schools were like then and now and understanding why children were sent to work during the industrial revolution in Stoke-on-Trent. We will also be investigating why the canal and railway networks were so crucial to our local area and the impact that they had on certain industries e.g. pottery, steel, coal, but also how Stoke-on-Trent's landscape has changed over time.



This term, our geography is all about the United Kingdom. We will be identifying physical and human features of all countries that make up the UK, describing their locations using compass points and what their land borders look like. We will also be studying the different cities that are within the UK, the highest mountains/longest rivers, how the UK's landscape has changed over time and the main industries within the United Kingdom.



For the first half term, we are studying Animals including Humans where we are learning about balanced diets, the importance of our skeletons, how muscles work, how the lungs work in our bodies and creating investigations around these. 


During the second half term, we are studying Forces where we will be learning about the different types of forces, what friction is and whether it is useful, what magnets are and how they work. As well as this, we will be learning all about magnetic materials and magnetic fields.


Design & Technology

Our focus for the first half term is Structures whereby we will be constructing a castle. We will be learning more about advanced construction techniques and plan for complex arrangements of structures with continual emphasis on evaluating throughout. We will also be studying the features of castles, learning how nets make up structures and can make them stronger.


During the second half term, our learning focus is Mechanisms where we will be creating pneumatic toys. Within this unit, we will examine pneumatic systems using syringes and balloons then apply our understanding of mechanical systems to create our own pneumatic toys.



This term the art focus is sculpture where the children will be creating a body form sculpture of their own. They will be studying the sculptor Antony Gormley, using lines, tone and shade to represent objects, creating observational drawings of themselves, exploring lines through different media and creating texture through continuous line drawings. They will then be developing their own ideas for sculptures out of clay and evaluating these.



As the children are now in Key Stage 2, they learn a Modern Foreign Language. The children will learn how to pronounce basic greetings, say their name, write a short dialogue in Spanish, ask about other people's feelings, count to 20, tell their age and learn about Christmas celebrations in Spanish speaking countries.



Our first topic is all about Online Safety where we will know what makes a safe password; learn methods for keeping passwords safe; understand how the Internet can be used in effective communication; understand how a blog can be used to communicate with a wider audience; consider the truth of the content of websites and learn about the meaning of age restrictions symbols on digital media and devices.


Our second topic is all about Spreadsheets where we will use the symbols more than, less than and equal to, to compare values; use 2Calculate to collect data and produce a variety of graphs; use the advanced mode of 2Calculate to learn about cell references.


In the second half term, we will be learning how to touch type. During this topic we will be introduced to typing terminology; understand the correct way to sit at the keyboard; learn how to use the home, top and bottom row keys; practise typing with the left and right hand.


The final unit of work during the Autumn term is Email where we will think about different methods of
communication; open and respond to an email using an address book; learn how to use email safely; add an attachment to an email; explore a simulated email scenario.



In this unit, we ask ‘How Does Music Bring Us Closer Together?’ as an entry point for the broad Social Theme of ‘Music Is a Peacebuilder and Friendmaker’. Aside from peace and friendship, this theme is relevant to learning topics such as kindness, responsibility, charity, diplomacy and other topics. We will understand the music, listen and respond, sing the song, play along with the music, as well as composing our own music.

The Catholic Virtues for Autumn 1 that we are aiming to be are: Compassionate & Loving


The Catholic Social Teaching for Autumn 1 that we are aiming to show is: Human Dignity 


The Catholic Virtues for Autumn 2 that we are aiming to be are: Faith-filled & Hopeful


The Catholic Social Teachings for Autumn 2 that we are aiming to show is: Solidarity & Common Good