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For RE Look at the power point and follow the link to the video. It is all about Palm Sunday, which has been this weeks learning. Let your child tell you what they know.



For please follow the link to the tens frame and answer the following questions. 

There were 10 pies and 5 got eaten. How many are left?

10 birds were flying. 3 flew away. How many were left?

My  sister ate 8 of my 10 sweets. How many are left?

I had 10 roses in the garden and my dad picked 4 of them. How many were left?


Can you make some stories up of your own?






Red write inc groups

Please ask your child which read write inc group they are in and complete the corresponding video. 


1) - Mrs Scott's group -



2) Miss Mason's group -



3) - Mrs Deaville's group -



4) - Mrs Shaw's group -


5) - Mrs Shingler's group -