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In Re this week, we are learning about Lent. During Lent, we think about others. One way we can do this is to give something up, a Lenten fast. A Lenten fast doesn’t have to consist of just fasting, but it can be adding things during this season of lent that will make our lives more meaningful. if your child has decided to give something up for Lent, or change something then we would love to know what this is. 


For your maths homework this week I would like you to use the following ten frame (Ten Frame Modeller ( to answer the following questions. (children should put the first part of the question on the ten frame in one colour and the second part in a different colour. Then say the number sentence. All answers equal 10 as we are learning about our number bonds to 10 this week)


1) Jo had 6 flowers, she then bought 4 more. How many flowers altogether? (encourage children to look at the ten frame and now say 6+4=10)

2) 5 birds flew on the wire, 5 more joined. How many birds altogether? 

3) There were 9 boys in the class and 1 girl. how many children altogether?

4) There were 3 sheep in the field, 7 more came over. How many sheep altogether?

5) There were 0 stars in the sky. Later that night 10 stars appeared. There were how many stars altogether?


Red write inc groups

Please ask your child which read write inc group they are in and complete the corresponding video. 


1) - Mrs Deaville's group -


2) Miss Mason's group -


3) - Mrs Scott's group -


4) - Mrs Shaw's group -


5) - Mrs Shingler's group -